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Asteris Announces Broad Integration of Keystone PACS with Covetrus Technology Solutions

Asteris and Covetrus Announce Partnership

Asteris and Covetrus Expand Partnership, Integrate Keystone PACS with RxWorks, Ascend, and VisionVPM to Enhance Veterinary Clinic Operations

We’re excited to deepen our partnership with Covetrus and extend the reach of Keystone PACS into multiple Covetrus platforms […] providing easy and quick access to crucial diagnostic information…”

— Erik Berger, General Manager

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, May 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Asteris, a leader in veterinary imaging technology, is pleased to share news of our expanded collaboration with Covetrus, enhancing our Keystone PACS system by integrating it with three Covetrus software solutions: RxWorks, Ascend, and VisionVPM. This partnership is a revolutionary step forward for veterinary clinics, combining our advanced image handling capabilities with Covetrus’s comprehensive practice management tools.

“We’re excited to deepen our partnership with Covetrus and extend the reach of Keystone PACS into multiple Covetrus platforms,” said Erik Berger, General Manager at Asteris. “This collaboration transforms how veterinary clinics operate, providing easy and quick access to crucial diagnostic information to ensure top-notch animal care.”


Helps vet clinics manage their day-to-day operations more smoothly and increases efficiency, allowing them to better manage client information and inventory. To find out more about RxWorks, visit RxWorks at https://software.covetrus.com/apac/veterinary-solutions/rxworks-veterinary-inventory-management/. For information on how it works with Asteris Keystone, visit Asteris Integrations: RxWorks. RxWorks is distributed in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

Covetrus Ascend

Ascend is a leading cloud-based PMS designed to address industry challenges and reduce practice chaos. Ascend users have saved +12 hours per week thanks to its intuitive interface. Learn more about Covetrus Ascend Cloud Veterinary Software at https://software.covetrus.com/apac/veterinary-solutions/ascend-cloud-veterinary-software/. Details on its integration with Asteris Keystone can be found at Asteris Integrations: Covetrus Ascend. Covetrus Ascend is distributed in Australia and New Zealand.


Enhances clinic efficiency with better scheduling, reporting, and management tools. More information on VisionVPM , visit: https://software.covetrus.com/apac/veterinary-solutions/visionvpm-veterinary-software/. To explore its integration with Asteris Keystone, please visit Asteris Integrations: VisionVPM. VisionVPM is distributed in Australia and New Zealand.

“The team are thrilled to be integrating our leading veterinary practice management solutions with Asteris and the Keystone PACS system, a move that will revolutionise the way our clients access and manage diagnostic imaging. This integration will streamline workflows and deliver time savings when accessing results, with additional mobile device capabilities on our web based application Ascend.” – Gabrielle Dwyer, Director of Covetrus Technology Solutions APAC

Key Benefits of This Integration Include:

• Improved Clinic Operations: Integrating these systems into daily clinic activities helps clinics manage billing and patient information more effectively, reducing the chance of errors.

• Better Image Access and Management: Keystone’s hybrid storage solution means faster, more reliable access to images, which helps veterinarians diagnose and treat animals more efficiently.

• Easy-to-Use Interface: The system is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, accessible from different devices, which makes it easier for clinic staff to use.

• Tailored for Veterinary Needs: The solutions are designed specifically for veterinary clinics, ensuring they meet the unique needs of animal care.

• Ongoing Support and Upgrades: Asteris is committed to continual improvements and customer support to help clinics keep up with the latest in veterinary care technology.

Veterinary clinics using these integrated solutions will see immediate improvements in how they manage and access diagnostic images, leading to better animal care and more streamlined clinic operations. This collaboration is part of Asteris’s ongoing commitment to providing innovative technology solutions that empower veterinarians and their teams to deliver exceptional care.

About Asteris

Asteris is at the forefront of digital imaging and information management software for veterinary use, dedicated to enhancing diagnostic capabilities and clinical workflows.

About Covetrus

Covetrus is a global leader in animal health technology and services, committed to helping veterinary clinics achieve better health and financial outcomes.

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