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Brian Bartes, Success Coach/Best-Selling Author, Shares Some Notable Guests of “LifeExcellence with Brian Bartes”

Brian Bartes, Success Coach/Best-Selling Author, Shares Some Notable Guests of “LifeExcellence with Brian Bartes”

Brian Bartes

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brian Bartes, a success coach and best-selling author, hosts the unique and captivating podcast LifeExcellence with Brian Bartes. This podcast stands out not just as a source of insights, advice, and stories from some of the most prominent figures in sports, entertainment, and everyday life. It’s a transformative journey that has the power to change lives. From best-selling authors to fitness gurus, Bartes’ podcast is a beacon of positivity, offering a wide range of perspectives to improve listeners’ lives professionally and personally.

The hour-long biweekly podcast debuted in 2001 and has left an indelible mark on countless listeners, filling their lives with hope and inspiration. Bartes says each episode offers something unique for his audience, a treasure trove of wisdom and insights that is exclusively available to them. Although each of Bartes’ guests is remarkable, he shares a few memorable episodes.

– Doubling Success: Insights from Brian Tracy on LifeExcellence

One of Bartes’ most unforgettable shows features guest Brian Tracy, a world-renowned best-selling author and speaker specializing in personal and professional development. On LifeExcellence, Tracy unveils the secrets to doubling income, time off, and achieving goals faster than imaginable. Like many people, Tracy emerged from humble beginnings, yet his unwavering drive for success propelled him to achieve rankings as one of the best life coaches and authors, making him one of Bartes’ top-rated guests.

– Unveiling Fitness Mastery: Tony Horton’s Journey and P90X Success

Tony Horton has been a prominent figure in the fitness industry for decades. He is widely recognized as the creator of America’s most successful fitness program, P90X. Additionally, Horton is renowned as a motivational speaker, celebrity trainer, and the author of three bestselling books. In discussing the success of P90X, he offers insights into how individuals can maintain their health and fitness throughout their lives. In this episode, Horton discusses why many individuals have such a difficult time losing weight and what can be done about it. This episode is a must-listen for anyone struggling with the pitfalls of weight loss, such as boredom and plateauing.

– Unmatched Excellence: Insights from Annika Sörenstam, the Golf Legend

In a very exciting episode of LifeExcellence, Bartes interviews Annika Sörenstam, who is often regarded as the greatest female golfer of all time. During her 15-year career, Annika amassed over 90 worldwide victories, including 72 on the LPGA tour and 11 Major Championships. Annika shares what it takes to achieve success at such a high level and improve at golf. Sörenstam reveals that her secret to success lies in her ability to stay energized and motivated.

– Unveiling Literary Mastery: Nora Roberts’ Journey and Writing Process

Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 240 novels. More than 500 million copies of her books are currently in print, and the New Yorker has dubbed her “America’s favorite novelist.” Nora shares the story behind her success and reveals her three-step process for writing a book. Roberts shares her biggest tactic for writing and publishing her novels, resilience.

Brian Bartes, a best-selling author, speaker, and success coach, has dedicated over three decades to the realms of personal development, success, motivation, and leadership. With a wealth of practical experience as a practitioner, Brian has served a diverse clientele ranging from entrepreneurs to small business owners and self-employed professionals. He is the author of four books, notably “Life Lessons: A Guide to Creating and Living Your Best Life,” and has made significant contributions to various other publications.

To find out more about LifeExcellence With Brian Bartes, click here: https://www.youtube.com/brianbartes

For more information about Brian Bartes and his transformative work, follow this link: https://brianbartes.com/podcast/

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