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CallPilot, Proxima’s AI-powered customer support solution, redefines outbound communication and inquiry handling

CallPilot, Proxima’s AI-powered customer support solution, redefines outbound communication and inquiry handling

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CallPilot emerges as a game-changer in customer support. It illustrates a future where AI integrates with human touch to deliver exceptional service.

Our clients asked if automation could be applied to outbound communications, where it sounds conversational. We said, “We’ll build it”.”

— Camilo Cruz

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Proxima (proximasolves.com), a leading technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) company specializing in the insurance and financial sector, redefines customer support with its groundbreaking product, CallPilot.ai. Developed by industry experts, this knowledgebase and call center automation solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) addresses the pressing needs of customer service teams across various industries.

Proxima recognizes customer service’s critical role in maintaining client satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, it meticulously designed CallPilot to empower customer service agents with advanced tools and resources, ensuring they could deliver exceptional support experiences consistently. Features like Pro Wiki, for instance, allow agents to access real-time information from organizational data sources and provide accurate and up-to-date assistance to customers promptly and effortlessly.

Another standout feature of CallPilot is Pro Call, which eliminates queue time and reduces call durations by up to 40% to 80%, optimizing the efficiency of call center operations. Leveraging AI’s capabilities, Pro Automate allows for the smooth integration of digital processes into organizational workflows. This CallPilot feature further enhances productivity and service quality.

With CallPilot, Proxima aims to replace outdated manuals and complex knowledge base articles. The AI-powered chat interface ensures that agents can access comprehensive and relevant information around the clock. This modernized knowledge management leads to faster issue resolution and, in turn, improved customer satisfaction.

It is significant to note that Proxima prioritizes the security and privacy of client data. This is evident in CallPilot’s design, which adheres to industry-leading cybersecurity standards. The innovative product implements robust data protection measures, including data segregation, advanced encryption protocols, regular audits, and log reports.

As CallPilot continues to improve and gain a reputation as an asset for customer service departments worldwide, the premier tech company remains dedicated to enhancing its features and expanding its reach to serve new markets. CEO Camilo Cruz shared, “We had a recent breakthrough with CallPilot. A collaboration with a company specializing in collections for banks enabled us to tackle outbound campaigns with remarkable efficiency. They asked us, ‘Could automation be applied to outbound communication, where it sounds conversational, so we can avoid the impersonal touch of traditional methods like robocalls?’ To answer this question, yes, we can do that.”

CallPilot leverages AI to mimic human interaction and ensures that each conversation feels personal. The transition from traditional “robocalls” to conversational automation represents a revolutionary advancement in customer engagement. “We recently launched this version of CallPilot in Panama. It engaged customers using familiar language and verification processes, naturally building trust and rapport,” Cruz added.

Following this development, it is inevitable that questions regarding CallPilot’s impact on employment arise. Proxima approaches this thoughtfully, prioritizing the well-being of the broader workforce. Task automation has led to internal promotions and upskilling opportunities rather than displacing employees, nurturing a more skilled and resilient workforce.

Attesting to the impact of CallPilot on businesses, CEOs from various industries shared testimonials. The founder of a leading referral network stated, “CallPilot transformed our service. With A.I. chat automation, our agents can now focus on complex inquiries. This leads to faster service and happier customers.” Echoing this sentiment is a chairman of a premier telecommunication company: “By streamlining calls, CallPilot can save us thousands of dollars per month. We can serve millions of calls daily and make our agents focus on more difficult requests.”

CallPilot emerges as a game-changer in customer support. It bridges the gap between automation and personalized service with an innovative AI-driven approach. This product illustrates Proxima’s commitment to innovation and excellence, shaping a future where AI integrates with human expertise to deliver exceptional service.

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