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Christine Groethe reveals “Unbreakable Spirits,” Shedding Light on hidden realities of early arranged marriages

Nurse-author Christine Groethe explores women escaping early arranged marriages in “Unbreakable Spirits,” revealing hidden generational trauma.

UNITED STATES, February 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Unbreakable Spirits” intricately weaves narratives of women who defied societal norms, escaping early arranged marriages in Mexico. The book also uncovers the often-overlooked generational trauma associated with these unions, impacting the family as a whole.

Christine Groethe, a registered nurse and mother of two, brings a unique perspective to her work. With extensive experience as a psychiatric nurse, she has worked with diverse age groups and populations, contributing to her insightful exploration of mental health and resilience.

Christine’s other books include:

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“The Art of Manifestation: Creating a 24-Hour Vision Board for Creative Brilliance”, Motivation Behind “Unbreakable Spirits”.

Christine Groethe’s motivation for writing “Unbreakable Spirits” stems from her desire to raise awareness about the complex issue of early arranged marriages and the generational trauma they can inflict on families. She advocates for transparency and evaluation of this tradition, which often exists covertly in many countries.

“Unbreakable Spirits” aims to help readers understand the painful aspects of early arranged marriages for both men and women. Groethe emphasizes the need for transparency and evaluation of this tradition, which persists covertly in many countries.

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Christine Groethe on Spotlight Network TV with Logan Crawford

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