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Daniel Voigt Godoy Teaches How to Pivot from Unhappy Career to Fulfilling Life

You’re Not Your Job

You’re Not Your Job Helps Readers Leave Rat Race and Overcome Self-Doubt

This is a must-read for the vast majority of people feeling trapped in the career treadmill!”

— Jose Luis Lopez Pino

LISBON, PORTUGAL, April 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — After years of trying out different jobs but never being satisfied, Daniel Voigt Godoy found the courage to strike out on his own. He wrote You’re Not Your Job: Going Above and Beyond for Yourself to help others who are dissatisfied in their careers so that their journey to happiness need not take as long as his did. This helpful guidebook demonstrates how professionals can leave the rat race by overcoming self-doubt.

Voigt Godoy wrote this book for people who feel that the work they’re doing is not really meant for them. The people who would rather be doing something else entirely but don’t know where to begin. You’re Not Your Job is for anyone who is hoping for a more satisfying work life but needs help taking the leap.

“This is a book I wish I had when I was trying to figure out what my next career step would be. A guidebook like this would have helped me address my doubts and fears and shortened my journey to happiness by several years,” explains Voigt Godoy.

You’re Not Your Job explores how procrastination, feelings around money, conformity, doubts, fears, and much more affect your career choices. Voigt Godoy believes many people lose track of who they really are. They mistake their identity for their job. Deep down, however, they know they are not meant to be living like this. He believes that if you are looking for answers, then you need to try asking questions instead!

In this short yet inspiring book, Voigt Godoy does not offer answers. Instead, he encourages readers to ask themselves many, many questions to get where they want to be. His goal is to help professionals find the best next step for themselves through introspection.

To learn more, please visit YoureNotYourJob.com.

About the Author

Daniel Voigt Godoy is a husband, brother, and son. In the last 25 years, he has had many jobs — developer, data scientist, teacher, writer — but he is none of them. He is an avid learner, and he has a curious and restless mind. It took him several years and lots and lots of questions to figure out what the right path for him was. At age 46, he was finally able to switch gears. Now, he’s finally at peace and happy with who he is while living his life the best he can. Voigt Godoy resides in a small town close to Lisbon, Portugal. To learn more, please visit YoureNotYourJob.com or follow him on Twitter @dvgodoy.

About the Book

Title: You’re Not Your Job: Going Above and Beyond for Yourself

Author: Daniel Voigt Godoy

ISBN (paperback): 979-8857445440

Price: $8.95 (USD)

Pages: 126

Release date: April 23, 2024

Available on Amazon

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