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Diana Gillmore’s Recounting of Family History Tells a Story That Is Greater Than Fiction

CHULA VISTA, CA, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — History is filled with incredible stories that become the foundations of some of the most popular tales on the shelves and in reels today. However, sometimes, telling the facts that underlie these fictional stories turns out to be more compelling than any rework ever would. This is the case for Diana Gillmore’s 1946: A True Story of Wealth, Extraordinary Success and Great Tragedy. The book, published under PageTurner Press and Media, has become one of the publisher’s widely read titles.

1946 chronicles the lives of Reginald and Edwina Gillmor, the paternal grandparents of the author. The story builds up each character as it details their upbringing and individual lives, leading up to their meeting and marriage. It intersperses the events of Edwina’s upbringing with significant historical events of the twentieth century. Through Gillmore’s narration from Edwina’s perspective, her character is given a voice, and the story of an independent woman’s struggles and decisions comes to life.

In 1946, Gillmore invites history connoisseurs and general readers alike with her thorough descriptions of the setting, organization of the story from year to year, and flow of the plot. This renders the story significant, even in the present time. This significance is magnified in the professional reviews created for the book.

Readers’ Favorite reviewers collectively gave the book a five-star rating. Jose Cornelio remarked, “There are powerful themes that are ingeniously written in this book, including love and marriage, creating wealth, scientific inventions, politics, and war.” Meanwhile, K.C. Finn stated, “Biography fans who are curious about life pre and post the World Wars in the United States of America will certainly have their fill of accurately described real-life difficulties, the incredible and expedient advances made in technology during wartime, and the strong bond between two people who were determined to survive and thrive through it all.” These reviews stand as a testament to the idea that biography can sometimes be more fascinating than fiction.

Diana Gillmore was born in New York City. She grew up surrounded by family and enjoyed the estate life, which included a house staff. In her adult life, Gillmore became an interior designer for decades. She also owned and operated a flying school. Her book, 1946: A True Story of Wealth, Extraordinary Success and Great Tragedy, is available in paperback, hardback, and e-book versions at www.pageturner.us and other online book retailers.

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