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Dynamic Philosopher and Educator, Professor Ronald J. Glossop to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ronald J. Glossop is a man who stands apart in many ways, starting with his name and birth to his career achievements, as a great thinker and educator.

Ronald’s last name is derived from a town in England near Manchester that he once visited (he has travelled extensively in his lifetime). Ronald also was born a twin; his older brother was named Donald after their dad and Ron was given a first name that went with Donald.

Ronald analyzed things and had deep thoughts as a youth and once considered going into the ministry, but later he changed his path and went into education. In 1960 Ronald got a Ph.D. degree from Washington University in St. Louis. He began teaching at Boise Junior College in Boise, Idaho. Today, he is best known among Esperantists as “Professoro Ron,” and he has had a notable career in public and state universities, both near his childhood home in Aurora, Illinois near Chicago and then his wife’s ancestral home in St. Louis Missouri. For a little over a year now, after his wife’s death Ronald has lived in New Hampshire with his son, who is a computer guru.

Ronald was born in 1933 and expects to reach 100 or even more since longevity runs in the family. In his 90 years, Professor Ron has often spoken and published on global issues—for instance religion, language, economic inequalities, and different kinds of government. In his upcoming shows he is going to share some one-world possibilities like having one universal language (Ronald was going to invent one until he discovered Esperanto, and now he is fluent in it and is an avid Esperantist. He has visited about 30 countries to meet with other Esperantists and experts.)

“I want to make people aware of what I promote such as world citizenship and transforming the UN into an official democratic world government, just like the US went from a confederation to a federation at one time. This would be the best form of government at the global level to ensure global progress, health, and equality. And democracy too, but there is some opposition to doing that.”

Ronald is also heralded as an author. In 1974, he wrote Philosophy: An Introduction to Its Problems and Vocabulary, and it was a best-seller. He also published World Federation (2001) which was also printed in an Esperanto translation as Monda Federacio. Professor Ron stresses that Esperanto is such a great language because it is easy to learn and is pronounced just the way it is written.

Ronald does not have his own website, but if you do a search of his name you can learn much about his teachings, philosophies, history, and published works. Tune in to the show to hear more of his thought-provoking philosophies and political viewpoints, including a take on the US involvement in the current war between Ukraine and Russia. It will be most exciting to discuss global issues, where our world is headed, and strategies to help it survive.

Close Up Radio will feature Ronald J Glossop in interviews with Jim Masters on Sept. 26th and Doug Llewelyn on October 3rd, each of the Tuesdays at 12:00 noon EDT

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To learn more about Professor Ron and his achievements, visit www.academia.edu

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