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eWeLink Enhances Smart Home Experience with Expanded Matter Support

Matter sensors now join the eWeLink family with practical features from the eWeLink app.

Matter Devices

The Quick Add feature now extends the convenience of seamless setup to Matter devices.

Matter integration

eWeLink’s Matter roadmap demonstrates its long-term commitment to Matter and a unified smart home ecosystem.

eWeLink expands its Matter ecosystem with support for Matter sensors, enabling users to create automation based on environmental changes and security status.

SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG, CHINA, May 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — eWeLink, a pioneering force in smart home technology, is thrilled to release updates for its mobile app and SONOFF NSPanel Pro for extensive Matter experience.

This strategic upgrade – eWeLink app v5.6 and NSPanel Pro v3.1 – expands the eWeLink Matter ecosystem with Matter sensors, introducing support for temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and contact sensors (window and door sensors). These new capabilities are in addition to the already supported functionalities, such as dimmable white/cool lights, color lights, on/off devices, and Matter bridges, broadening local smart home automation horizons.

The new addition opens up a realm of possibilities for smart home automation. With support for the new Matter sensors, users can create automation based on changes in the environment and security status in the eWeLink app. For instance, users can configure air conditioning systems to adjust based on temperature and humidity readings or receive notifications when windows or doors are opened unexpectedly via third-party Matter sensors.

Through eWeLink’s Matter hubs, users can also enjoy the convenience of managing and controlling a diverse array of devices regardless of the manufacturer. This means a more cohesive network of smart devices that can communicate with each other effortlessly from the eWeLink cloud platforms including mobile apps, CAST dashboards, and eWeLink WEB.

Furthermore, the firm has been offering seamless setup procedures for smart home devices within the eWeLink app. The new eWeLink app V5.6 expands the experience to Matter devices with proper optimization. Users can now add Matter devices from the Quick Add tab, which discovers and lists all available devices in the eWeLink app.

First introduced in the eWeLink app v5.0, Matter support has been a major focus of the platform, enabling users to effortlessly connect and manage Matter-compatible devices alongside their existing eWeLink-supported devices.

eWeLink will soon add support for Matter motion/occupancy sensors and wireless buttons, further diversifying the ways to trigger smart home scenes.

Matter, the new industry standard promising to revolutionize smart home connectivity, lies at the heart of this expansion for the eWeLink smart home. As an open-source, secure, and interoperable connectivity standard, Matter aims to simplify the smart home landscape, making it easier for devices to work together seamlessly.

This integration not only streamlines the user experience in the eWeLink smart home but also marks a significant step in the enhancement of the eWeLink Matter ecosystem. This development solidifies eWeLink’s commitment to providing a versatile and comprehensive smart home ecosystem.

By embracing Matter, eWeLink not only enriches its platform but also significantly expands the possibilities for users to incorporate a wider range of third-party devices into their smart home setups. This move aligns with the growing demand for extensive automation capabilities and interoperability, making the eWeLink Matter ecosystem a pivotal element in achieving an inclusive and unified smart home environment.

About eWeLink

eWeLink is a leading platform in the smart home industry, dedicated to providing users with a seamless and convenient smart home experience. Its AIoT platform stands out for its extensive compatibility, working effortlessly with a wide range of voice assistants and smart speakers, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Yandex Alice, AliGenie, DuerOS, and IFTTT, among others. This broad interoperability empowers users to easily connect and control eWeLink-supported devices across different ecosystems.

CoolKit (Shenzhen CoolKit Technology Co., Ltd.) the entity behind eWeLink, is renowned for delivering comprehensive smart home solutions. Their expertise spans cutting-edge hardware, embedded software development, streamlined production processes, rigorous testing, and continuous feature enhancement. As a frontrunner in the AIoT industry, CoolKit is committed to accelerating the development and launch of AIoT products for its OEM partners, offering efficient and cost-effective solutions that ensure swift and successful market access.

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