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“HOGGS: PRISON JOURNALS” – A Deep Dive Into Prison Life Beyond the Bars

Terol McCullar Provides a Unique and Gritty Glimpse into the Life of Prison Officers

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Enigmatic author Terol McCullar, who has penned gripping tales about corrections and unique science fiction narratives, is presenting his riveting installment – “HOGGS: PRISON JOURNALS“. The book promises readers an unparalleled view into the everyday life of prison staff, narrated through a series of standalone episodes.

For those who’ve always wondered about the world behind prison bars, McCullar’s work offers a raw and realistic portrayal, devoid of the glamour or stereotypes often showcased in the media. The narratives oscillate between the mundane and the intense, punctuated with prison jargon and humor, giving readers an immersive experience of the unexpected thrills and challenges faced by officers.

Terol McCullar, fondly known as T-Mac in the correctional circles, draws from his own rich experiences of working for over two and a half decades as a Correctional Officer and Sergeant Instructor for the State of California. Born in Oklahoma and raised in California, McCullar’s versatile life journey, spanning dozens of jobs before settling into the world of corrections, gives his writing a depth that few can match.

Speaking about the motivation behind “HOGGS: PRISON JOURNALS”, McCullar mentions, “There’s more to prison life than what meets the eye. From bursts of laughter to sudden moments of tension, officers navigate a roller coaster of emotions daily. I wanted the world to see that.”

The author’s other works, including “HOGGS II: PRISON JOURNALS” and the alien-centric “S.I.C.Q.”, have been acclaimed for their narrative style and authenticity. While readers eagerly await the launch of his website and upcoming works, “HOGGS: PRISON JOURNALS” offers a compelling read that’s sure to resonate with both fans and new readers alike.

About the Author:

Terol McCullar, aside from his notable contributions in the literary world, is also recognized for his talents as a singer and songwriter. His distinct voice, both in writing and in music, continues to captivate audiences far and wide.

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Terol “T-Mac” McCullar on The Spotlight Network TV with Logan Crawford

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