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Julie Meates Collaborates with SuccessBooks® and Jack Canfield to Co-Author, “Mindset Matters”

Julie Meates

CHRISTCHURCH , NEW ZEALAND, May 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — SuccessBooks® proudly announces an exciting collaboration as Julie Meates teams up to co-author the eagerly awaited book, “Mindset Matters,” alongside the esteemed Jack Canfield and a distinguished ensemble of authors.

“Mindset Matters” promises to enthrall readers with its compelling narratives, slated for release in the Summer of 2024.

Hailing from New Zealand, Julie Meates is not just a humanitarian but a beacon of positivity, striving to infuse more peace, kindness, and love into our world. Family lies at the heart of her journey; married with three children and a large extended family.

Commencing her career as an educator, Julie’s fervor for holistic well-being led her to qualify as a social worker and counselor. Today, she serves as a barrister and solicitor, actively pursuing post-graduate studies in education and health. Her dedication to community welfare shines through her extensive volunteerism, rooted in the belief of paying kindness forward.

In 2002, Julie co-founded the Fulfil A Dream Foundation, a visionary initiative aimed at fostering strong families, vibrant communities, and insightful leadership by uniting luminaries from diverse fields. She also chaired the indigenous Maori learning center, Kohanga Reo.

A seven-time Best-Selling Author, Julie’s literary contributions include collaborations with renowned figures like Brian Tracy, Dick Vitale, and Lisa Nichols. Her books support various causes, including the fight against human trafficking, slavery and many others.

Julie’s impact transcends literature; she has lent her talents to notable film productions and has graced the screens of esteemed television shows, garnering acclaim for her work in community justice and her involvement with global initiatives.

An unwavering advocate for societal progress, Julie has volunteered with numerous organizations, from Women’s Refuge to homelessness initiatives, and Women of Hope, leaving an indelible mark on every community she touches.

Julie Meates epitomizes compassionate leadership, empowering individuals from all walks of life to pursue their aspirations.

SuccessBooks® warmly welcomes Julie Meates as a co-author of “Mindset Matters.” Prepare for the launch of this transformative masterpiece, poised to inspire and empower audiences worldwide through the collective wisdom of Julie Meates, Jack Canfield, and their esteemed co-authors.

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