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Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel: Things to Consider Before Adding an ADU in San Diego

Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel: Things to Consider Before Adding an ADU in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — If you live in beautiful San Diego, you are lucky enough to live in a popular and dense area that still cares about its citizens’ housing opportunities. From aid to the homeless crisis to providing rental opportunities, and home equity increases for homeowners, San Diego homeowners have the flexibility in ADU builds that not all cities have. Dually noted is the high demand of relocating loved ones from far away to live within the same property as their family, ultimately creating a new San Diegan here to help our community prosper.

Rising above kitchen and bathroom remodels, ADU’s or Accessory Dwelling Units, have been topping the list for San Diego’s home improvement project since 2021 becoming the number one most requested project in construction. And it’s no wonder why! Previously referred to as Granny Flats, In-law Suites, and Casitas for their nod to bringing families closer together, these modeled structures have evolved to offer additional rental income in addition to adding square footage/ property value for the homeowner. 

If you’re thinking about building an ADU or wondering if your property is eligible within the City of San Diego or San Diego County jurisdiction- your curiosity has brought you to the right place. But be advised, codes and regulations change frequently. Over the past 4 years, Gregg Cantor, President/CEO of Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel, has continued to grow his relationships with city officials and individuals in the local building and permitting departments. These relationships allow his ‘4th Generations strong’ San Diego rooted company to quickly become apprised of any changing codes and get ahead of any building challenges that their ADU projects can face. Finding a trusted Design-Build partner like Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel is the foolproof, critical path to saving unnecessary back and forth time trying to decipher what the city needs, and when they need it.

At Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel, our best trait is listening, and we always start with asking “Why?”. Why do you want to build an ADU? Believe it or not, the ‘Why’ will influence specific differences in an ADU build like overall costs, ways to pay, etc. Not all build experiences with ADUs are created equal, and selecting a Design-Build company should be given careful consideration. Before determining ‘Who’ you partner with…. Let’s break this down in a palatable way using Why, What, When, and How.

1. The Why? Narrow down the main driver to your decision to build.

    • Relocating a loved one
    • Aging in place
    • Increased square footage and property value
    • Rental and supplemental income
    • Low-income housing options, philanthropy

2. City and County jurisdiction. These regulations will tell us exactly what can be built; the size your property can be, and where it can be located on your property.

    • Set backs
    • Fire ratings
    • Geology sensitivity
    • Coastal compliance
    • Parking transit proximity requirements
    • FAR (Floor Area ratio)
    • Homeowners Association approval

3. Design Development – Budgeting 

    • Establishing lifestyle and space needs
    • Modeling/rendering
    • Trade walks for discovery
    • Final scoping and pricing

4. Need for speed. How long will the project take, and when to expect completion?

    • Design Development time
    • When to submit plans to the city
    • Construction working days

5. Interior Design

    • Client meetings in our studio and at showrooms.
    • Sourcing materials
    • Approving pricing and selection
    • Completing a comprehensive design package.
    • Order fixtures and finishes.

6. Payment type. How will the build be paid for?

    • HELOC, Home Equity Line Of Credit
    • SDHC loan, San Diego Housing Council- low-income loans to qualifying homeowners at a low fixed rate.
    • Construction Loans
    • Cash

7. Contract type. Who offers the right type of transparency and trust within their contract structure? 

    • Cost Plus
    • Fixed contract, the preferred method for Homeowners

At Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel, is a team that will earn your business by gaining your trust. If you provide the ‘why’, they will undoubtedly guide you through the rest of it making for a positive and stress-free Design-build experience.

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