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Navigating the Web3.0 Frontier: Inery x Velo Partnership

Velo Web3+ partners with Inery for secure, cross-chain data management, enhancing Web3.0 with decentralized data control and seamless connections.

SINGAPORE, November 10, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Velo Web3+ Ecosystem proudly announces a strategic partnership with Inery, marking a significant step forward in achieving secure, cross-chain data management, contributing to the foundation of a Web3.0 future.

Inery, operating at the forefront of layer-1 blockchain technology, pioneers an innovative solution through its groundbreaking IneryDB. This pioneering solution reflects a paradigm shift in decentralized database management, emphasizing cross-chain communication, heightened speed, and fortified security protocols.

IneryDB converges the management of databases with blockchain functionalities and leverages distributed database management properties, ensuring a comprehensive approach to data security and integrity. This integration fosters a bridge between diverse systems within Web2.0 and Web3.0 realms, augmenting the scope and efficacy of database management practices across varied network layers and applications.

Velo stands out as a significant presence in the blockchain space, aiming to redefine digital finance. Its inception marked the introduction of a decentralized settlement network, pioneering secure and transparent value transfers.

However, Velo’s aspirations reach beyond enhancing transactional effectiveness; the company is dedicated to addressing the constraints of conventional financial services, guiding the path toward a future characterized by efficiency, security, and accessibility for all.

This partnership enhances the security and adaptability of the Web3.0 experience, introducing:

Decentralized Data Management: The collaboration introduces the potential for decentralized data management within the ecosystem, providing users with secure and cost-effective data handling while retaining absolute control over their private information.
Web3.0 Value Expansion: Inery’s technological capabilities lay the groundwork for a Web3.0 future by facilitating seamless connections with various systems and applications, enriching the potential for value creation by users.

Velo and Inery unite to envision a secure and interconnected Web3.0 future, outlining the path for decentralized data management. Together, they equip users with the tools to protect their information while fostering a more interconnected and value-centric digital ecosystem.

For the latest updates, visit the websites of Velo or Inery.

About Velo
In the dynamic blockchain landscape, Velo stands as a transformative force with a singular mission to reshape digital finance engagement. Originating as a decentralized settlement network, Velo offers a secure and transparent channel for value transfers. Velo envisions financial solutions that are efficient, secure, and effortlessly accessible, going beyond traditional financial services.

About Inery
At the forefront of innovation, Inery, a trailblazing layer-1 blockchain, introduces a tamper-proof solution for decentralized database management. This visionary platform prioritizes cross-chain communication, speed, and security, reimagining the data paradigm. Inery’s flagship solution, IneryDB, ensures a secure, cost-effective, and immutable approach to database management, putting control firmly in the hands of users and enterprises.

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