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New Fable “Wonder Shell” Offers Lessons on Kindness and Compassion

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Enchantment and Empathy: New Fable “Wonder Shell” Offers Lessons on Kindness and Compassion

In a world often consumed with conflict, a timely fable of grace and understanding is set to capture the hearts of readers. “Wonder Shell”, scheduled for release on May 7th, 2024, offers a gentle reminder of the importance of empathy in this modern world.

Inspired by the captivating legends and shores of southern Wales, “Wonder Shell” introduces readers to the enchanting village of Aberdoethus. After a wish on the seeds of a dandelion, an encounter with an enigmatic sage leads to lessons that will transform the protagonist, Corazinda, and all those around him.

John Harbour pens a poignant tale exploring personal burdens and the profound impact of kindness. And Ukrainian artist Lyubov Malygina’s llustrations lend a dreamlike quality to the narrative.

“This is a fable about empathy, compassion, and grace; about seeing the rocks that others carry. Displaced from Kiev due to war, and while carrying one of the biggest rocks that I can imagine, she has created magical watercolors that truly reflect the soul of the story. As you see the rocks that you and others carry, remember that those rocks need not be an anchor that restrict us from taking flight.

Some rocks can break you, some can hold you back, and there are some that you can transform into balloons that allow you to soar.”

Early Praise for “Wonder Shell”:

“This is an imaginative and whimsical story that promotes kindness and helps to explain the concept of empathy to young readers. A warm and fantastical tale about empathy and kindness. Our Verdict: Get it. ✓” – Kirkus Reviews

“Visionary tale that teaches how compassion can ease life’s burdens. Malygina’s delicate watercolor illustrations are a stunning backdrop for this tender, big-hearted tale, as they showcase the village’s rolling hills and cerulean water. Harbour’s lesson is a timely reminder of the impact grace can have on the world around us.” – BookLife Review

About the Author and Illustrator:

John Harbour is a New York City-based author known for his evocative storytelling in Nighthawks, Diary of a Hippie: A Real-Life Journal of What to Expect During a Total Hip Replacement, and Darya The Droplet. His ability to capture the essence of human experience and the empathy shines brightly in Wonder Shell. For more information, visit www.johnharbour.com.

Lyubov Malygina, an award-winning Ukrainian artist-illustrator, brings the story to life with her stunning watercolor illustrations. Her work on classics like The Wind in The Willows and The Secret Garden has received widespread acclaim, including the Ukrainian Book of the Year award in 2018. Currently residing in Warsaw due to the Ukrainian conflict, Malygina’s art continues to inspire and enchant. Explore her portfolio at www.artmalygina.com.

About the Book:

Wonder Shell invites readers to embark upon a transformative journey alongside Corazinda, to unravel a mystery and unlock the true power of kindness. This tale encourages reflection on our own burdens and those we witness in others, and how compassion can truly make a difference.

Wonder Shell is a touching story inspired by the magical legends and the coastline of southern Wales. In the village of Aberdoethus, a wish on the seeds of a dandelion leads to an encounter with a mysterious sage. This enchanting fable weaves together the wonders of nature, the wisdom of an ancient sage, and the power of a magical shell, creating a spellbinding tale that will captivate the imagination.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and ancient wisdom as Corazinda explores the true meaning of his name, the secret behind Ddraigddyn’s identity, and the enchanting power of the shells of wonder. This captivating tale will open your heart and mind to the magic of kindness and empathy, revealing that the strength to change the world resides within us all.

Title: Wonder Shell

ISBN: 978-0-9710230-4-8

Author: John Harbour

Illustrator: Lyubov Malygina

Publisher: Orsorum

Publication Date: 07 May 2024

MSRP: $19.99 USD

Wonder Shell will be available on May 7th, 2024, in hardcover at major booksellers including:

* Amazon

* Barnes & Noble

* Wonder Shell Website

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