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Odeeo analysis of 75 million ad impressions uncovers peak times for advertisers to reach mobile gamers

Among other insights, analysis finds 6pm weekdays and 8pm weekends are peak playtimes, helping inform programmatic advertising decisions for brands.

In-game audio advertising is a ‘round the clock way to reach a captive and at times, untapped audience of three billion people, actively engaged in their mobile play.”

— Amit Monheit, CEO of Odeeo

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, February 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Odeeo, the leading in-game audio advertiser has released data on exactly when mobile gamers are tuned into their favourite games, giving advertisers valuable insights on the best times to reach players. Weekday mornings, for example, are a particularly strong peak-time, before mobile gamers get into their day, and the number of unique gamers rises by 5% at weekends.

Examining more than 75 million ad impressions in the UK, these insights show when mobile gamers are tapping into their mobile devices for gameplay, helping brands and publishers better understand when to reach this market segment and bid for ad positions.

Key findings of the analysis:

Weekdays findings
Players tune in as early as 5am, peaking at 7am, suggesting many mobile gamers want to get some time to ease their way into the working day.
Player time peaks once again after lunchtime at 2pm.
The highest sustained volume of traffic is between 3pm and 8pm.
The peak hour for weekday play is 6pm.
Mobile gamers enjoy their sleep too, with the lowest traffic levels recorded at 12am.

Weekend findings
Players tune in from 5am at weekends, the same time as weekdays.
There is sustained all-day long play between 9am and 8pm – the number of gamers is relatively stable during this time.
Gamers do stay up later at the weekend with the lowest number of players moving to 3am.
The peak time for weekend play is 8pm.
There is a 5% increase in the number of unique players across weekends.
Playtimes on bank holidays reflect player behaviour at weekends.

Since 2021 Odeeo has been connecting advertisers to the world’s mobile games and its players. Now its audio platform covers over 800 game titles across dozens of publishers, including four of the top five mobile gaming studios by download.

Leading UK Media Company, Global Media & Entertainment’s research from 2023 found 64% of gamers who play at least five days a week also stream music on a weekly basis, and 42% stream podcasts, showing the importance of developing a comprehensive digital audio strategy.

Odeeo CEO Amit Monheit says, “It comes as no surprise that people dedicate time throughout the day to get the enjoyment and stress relief they experience while playing mobile games. Whether it’s to pass the time commuting or second-screen entertainment at night, mobile games get a meaningful share of eyeballs – and this translates to meaningful attention for the advertisers that understand the power and efficiency of in-game advertising.”

“In-game audio advertising is a ‘round the clock way to reach a captive and at times, untapped audience of three billion people, actively engaged in their mobile play. Advertisers are putting more and more emphasis on this revolutionary, future-focused means of reaching new audiences. With this new research, advertisers and publishers can make even smarter decisions on when to best reach their audiences.”

About Odeeo

Odeeo is building the future of audio advertising. Founded in 2021 by ad tech veterans Amit Monheit and Elad Stern, Odeeo creates solutions for mobile game publishers to unlock the fastest-growing segment of marketing spend, while empowering audio advertisers to reach audiences at scale. Odeeo is based in Tel Aviv with a rapidly growing team across Europe and the US, and is backed by notable investors including Play Ventures and Global. Visit http://www.odeeo.io to learn more about how audio is revolutionizing in-app advertising.

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