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Rellify wins the WiWo Best of Technology Award 2023 in the category Marketing and Sales

Rellify employees receive Best of Technology-award

Rellify received the WiWo Best of Technology Award 2023

The Best of Technology Award 2023

According to the jury, the enterprise AI-as-a-service applications of Rellify are highly innovative and offer enterprises a high value contribution

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA, USA, August 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Yesterday evening at the Handelsblatt Media Group Summer Camp in Munich, Germany’s leading business magazine, WirtschaftsWoche (WiWo), selected the Virginia based start-up Rellify Inc.’s German subsidiary Rellify Germany GmbH as the winner of this year’s Best of Technology Award in the Marketing and Sales category.

According to the jury, which included representatives from Fraunhofer ISI and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, Rellify’s Content Intelligence Applications offered marketing organizations the highest innovation as well as the best value proposition and the key to more flexible and technologized work for the future. The Rellify Content Intelligence Application, consisting of the Neuraverse and the Article Intelligence Application, was a suitable tool to overcome current challenges, an enabler to find solutions for tomorrow’s problems and made a significant value contribution to the competitiveness of companies, said the jurors.

Peter Kraus, CEO of Rellify, states that US and German companies that are already using Rellify’s Content Intelligence Application that consists of a Neuraverse and the Article Intelligence Application to develop content for their content marketing, were just as excited about the apps as the jury: “All content teams already working with our Content Intelligence Application report significant time savings in process steps from topic identification and content ideation to the intuitive drag and drop creation of smart briefs and writing with AI augmentation or automation.”

Most importantly, however, in Mr. Kraus’ view, Rellify’s approach to AI is unique, efficient and results-oriented, because it starts with machine learning of relevant data for content strategy and forms the ideal basis for large language model alignment. The precision with which the Neuraverse identified topics, subtopics and the questions to be answered about them provides a distinct competitive advantage, according to Rellify users reporting topline growth as a result. By using this content intelligence in the AI-guided production process of the Article Intelligence App, the best Google rankings and significantly more organic traffic is systematically created.

Jürgen Kranz, CTO of Rellify and responsible for the development of the Enterprise AI-as-a-Service platform and the Rellify solutions, sees the award as confirmation of Rellify’s approach to developing proprietary, topic-specific generative language models for enterprise customers: “Many top brands and corporations have enormous reservations about exploiting the theoretically breathtaking potential of widely available generative AIs such as GPT & Co. in their marketing, for the now well-known risks such as false ‘facts’, unacceptable bias or even copyright issues are considerable. Therefore, we are very pleased that our approach of offering generative AI experts specifically for a company’s core topics is seen as a valuable, promising innovation not only by our customers but also by the jury.”

The Neuraverse is a proprietary enterprise AI that, starting from the websites of the client company and its most important competitors, scours the WWW on specifically the topics that move the company and its competitors. The content found is analyzed, categorized (clustered) and evaluated using Rellify’s patent-pending machine learning and AI technology. Marketing organizations use the Neuraverse, delivered as a browser app, to develop successful content strategies, populate the right topics, use the relevant keywords, answer the most pressing questions and create the highest quality content. With a Neuraverse, companies understand their content and that of their competitors like never before, while knowing their content market share and visibility. They always know what to write about and how to write it – without having to constantly perform tedious, time-consuming and – compared to AI – incomplete analyses.

The Article Intelligence Application is an AI-led end-to-end platform for content teams that adds significant value (even without a Neuraverse): It supports the various actors in content production from planning and creating detailed briefings via drag and drop, to writing with AI augmentation or automation and AI-assisted SEO optimization, to publishing at the click of a mouse and monitoring article performance using the integrated Google Search Console. Users report time savings of between 50 and 95 per cent per process step. Interested parties can test the Article Intelligence Application free of charge for 30 days.

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