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Rosetta Stone Releases Interactive Picture Dictionaries in Mandarin

Rosetta Stone Releases Interactive Picture Dictionaries in Mandarin

The release expands Rosetta Stone’s collection of picture dictionaries, which also includes Spanish and French, to help learners of all ages master essential language skills offline

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rosetta Stone, the world’s leading language learning brand, has released two new picture dictionaries in Mandarin: one in Simplified Chinese and one in Traditional Chinese. Now available on Amazon, the picture dictionaries help learners of all ages grasp key Mandarin vocabulary and pronunciation through colorful visuals and engaging audio content. Picture dictionaries are also available in Spanish and French, enabling students to explore other widely-spoken languages in an enjoyable format. 

“Language learning should be fun, accessible, and give every person the confidence to begin using their new skills in real-world situations. We are excited to release Rosetta Stone’s Mandarin picture dictionaries because they offer a captivating and delightful way to learn a language spoken by more than one billion people worldwide,” said Kate Mattison, Vice President of Curriculum at IXL Learning, Rosetta Stone’s parent company. “Whether you are a younger learner or continuing to develop a strong foundation in Mandarin, our interactive picture dictionaries are the perfect resource to build fluency.”

More than 500 words and phrases help build essential vocabulary skills 

Rosetta Stone’s picture dictionaries are approachable and encouraging, and help learners experience the excitement of speaking words in a different language. Like its popular Spanish and French picture dictionaries, Rosetta Stone’s new Mandarin resources feature more than 500 common words and phrases with vibrant matching illustrations. The picture dictionaries also include sections on numbers, colors, food, animals, and items found at home, so that learners can use their new vocabulary in everyday life.

Fun and helpful audio immerses learners

With Rosetta Stone picture dictionaries, the joy of reading goes beyond the pages of each book. Each dictionary features practical and entertaining audio elements in addition to the text. Readers simply scan the QR code printed on each page to hear every word and phrase pronounced by a native Mandarin speaker, so they can practice an authentic accent right from the start.

Insights into Mandarin captivate and provide context

In addition to key vocabulary and pronunciation, the Mandarin picture dictionaries also provide readers with captivating language insights. Fun facts and helpful language tips on almost every page help learners gain a deeper appreciation of the Mandarin language, such as the intriguing origins of certain words and aids for remembering vocabulary.

Rosetta Stone’s Mandarin picture dictionaries are now available to order from Amazon. Readers who purchase a picture dictionary qualify for a special offer: 40% savings on a Rosetta Stone Lifetime Unlimited membership, or a 20% discount for a 12-month subscription. This offer allows learners to continue their language journey with Rosetta Stone in one or all of Rosetta Stone’s 25 languages.

About Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has dedicated itself to changing people’s lives through the power of language for more than 30 years. The company’s innovative digital solutions use advanced technology to help learners at home, in schools, and in workplaces achieve their language goals. By learning with Rosetta Stone, people experience the joy of being able to read, write, and speak 25 languages, and make deeper connections with the world around them. Rosetta Stone joined the IXL Learning family of brands in 2021.

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