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Sally Francis Guides Readers “Over The Rainbow To A New Found Consciousness”

Author and Healer Unveils Transformational Insights for Spiritual Growth and Well-being

UNITED STATES, December 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sally Francis, a seasoned Kinesiologist, Crystal and Spiritual Healer, and accredited course tutor, unveils her latest literary work, “Over The Rainbow To A New Found Consciousness.” This profound journey explores the ascension of Earth, tracing its roots from ancient civilizations to the modern-day, offering readers a guide to reconnect with their spiritual selves, embrace ancestral wisdom, and find a path to happiness and peace.

“Over The Rainbow To A New Found Consciousness” is a transformative exploration that traces the evolution of Earth’s consciousness. Sally Francis delves into the earliest known civilizations, highlighting how their connection with nature and spiritual practices shaped their understanding of the world. The book then addresses the contemporary challenges of modern life, where stress and disconnection from nature have led to a loss of identity and community.

Readers are guided through the exploration of ancestral cultural beliefs and practices, including the manifestation process through the seven Universal Principles. The book delves into the early development of astrology and numerology, showcasing how ancient cultures predicted the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the Ascension of Earth.

Each chapter is a journey filled with exercises, meditations, and practical information designed to help readers change their mindset, enhance their awareness, and live a positive, enlightened life. Sally Francis draws on her 25 years of expertise as a healer, life coach, and course tutor to empower readers on their own path to healing and personal growth.

Sally Francis brings a wealth of experience to her writing, with 25 years of dedication to the fields of Kinesiology, Crystal and Spiritual Healing, and complementary therapy. As a qualified professional with a Foundation and Advanced Certificate in Applied Kinesiology, a Certificate in Spiritual Healing, a Diploma in Crystal Healing, and more, she embodies the principles she shares in her book. Her journey of synchronicities and coincidences led her to compile the wisdom she imparts in “Over The Rainbow To A New Found Consciousness.”

“Over The Rainbow To A New Found Consciousness” is the culmination of Sally Francis’s years of writing and teaching accredited courses and workshops. The author’s intention is to share her knowledge with a broader audience, offering transformative insights to inspire personal growth and well-being.

The central message of the book is to empower readers to connect with their spiritual selves, embrace ancestral traditions, and unlock their true potential. Sally Francis aims to guide individuals towards happiness, peace, and a fulfilling life by fostering a deeper understanding of their own higher guidance.

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