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SteloTechnology Delivers On Promise To Build A Enterprise Automation Testing Solutions For USA-Bases SaaS Provider

Deployed a robust one-stop Automation Testing solution to streamline client’s day-to-day operations, to boost their overall team productivity.

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, August 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Top 10 QA Agency, Stelo Technology, a global player in next-generation enterprise testing services, announced today that it has built, developed and deployed an automation testing solution for USA-Bases SaaS Providers that offers a software solution for managing land rights and infrastructure assets for their global customers.

The customer is a US-based SaaS company providing software solutions for managing land rights and infrastructure assets for their global customers. They had joined hands with Stelo Technology with the main objectives of moving away from their Manual Testing solutions in hopes of addressing both their internal and external needs, reducing QA team overheads, seeking assistance in scaling their business operations and preventing various defects, delays, and errors to gain product quality to win customers’ trust and generate long-term revenue. Stelo Technology is pleased to disclose that its Automation Testing Solutions are fully developed and deployed. The client has been reaping the benefits of their Automation Testing Solution now more than ever, given that they are evolving more into the post-pandemic era.

As a result of this partnership with SaaS Provider, Stelo Technology built and deployed a fully Automated Testing Solution which supports Web application testing to test code against business requirements and thus ensure better traceability, the team first developed test scripts in Selenium, a data-driven testing tool that allows writing testing steps in simple Commands. These steps also allowed the testing team to have a clear picture of the test scripts to be developed and to detect the failed scripts swiftly. As the web application was developed in .Net with heavy data flow, the testing team used the data-driven testing framework, an efficient solution for data-driven web application testing. All in all, the test suite comprised about 350 scripts. The team also ran automated regression testing to make sure code changes didn’t alter or break the functionality in place and for Integration testing. The testing team ran a set of scripts to make sure the new Feature and the briefing editor integrated well. To ensure detailed reporting, the testing team used Jenkins CI. Automated testing engineers combined test reports with test steps to deliver to the Customer exhaustive information on testing results, including the scripts that failed. Thus, the Customer could have comprehensive information about the application quality at any given moment.

Prior to our partnership, Customers had to test the same deployed application on 15 different systems for each of their clients to gain an overall understanding of their testing results and now, it’s all done simply with a single click to generate a holistic report.

The new automation testing solutions has brought clarity and accuracy to the testing process as well. Customer’s clients are being fully supported by SteloTechnology during peak times of use. By adopting the Automation Testing Solutions, Stelo technology has helped to greatly reduce the time-to-value for Customers, relieve stress on their internal QA team and ultimately put innovative testing solutions directly into the hands of their team which reduced 90% of their time.

Thanks to our partnership with Stelo technology, Stelo Team were able to provide value to our customers which led to an improvement in productivity and testing process efficiencies which freed our internal employees from time-intensive, process-based operational activities as well as reduced our heavy reliance on multiple system testing,” said Operational Manager at Customers end. “To add on, Stelo Technology’ Automation Testing Solutions is helping us to transform our relationships with our customers, internal employees and other essential stakeholders so that we can better compete in a challenging and ever-evolving market.”

“Teamt feel extremely humbled and thrilled to be a part of the client’s Automation Testing initiative. Stelo Team were able to Automate their Application’s workflows to better serve their customers and employees. The automation of several processes along a single workflow took care of menial tasks and left time for employees to solve more complex customer issues, thereby improving their overall customer experience,” said Mark Evans, Director of Sales at Stelo. “Team are pleased that they were able to interconnect their operational processes to help their end-users without jeopardizing quality.”

ABOUT Stelo Technology:

Clients enjoyed the benefits of a full QA department without the associated setup cost and hassle.

Stelo Technology is a solely focused independent testing services agency, Stelo empowers our clients to develop the best software in terms of functionality, usability, performance, and scalability.

QA agency stelo technology delivers high-quality QA outsourcing services using a hybrid onsite-offshore model that combines offshore technical talent with U.S. management and QA engineers embedded in our clients’ engineering departments — enabling them to avoid the risks that often accompany a remote testing team.

The company offer below services through flexible models (hours/day, hours/week, hours/month) :

Team expertise

• Mobile Application Testing Services

• Automated Testing Services

• Manual Testing Services

• Functional Testing Services

• Performance Testing Services

• Regression Testing Services

• Quality Assurance Outsourcing

To learn more about how we can seamlessly integrate successful QA outsourcing into your organizational structure, please contact our Client Success Team for a free consultation at

+1 (748) 972-9430, or visit our website at www.stelotechnology.com

Why SteloTechnology?

Over 100+ companies use Stelo Technology to develop and fast-track their software testing needs for their business.

Stelo pride ourselves on the highest quality work at all times. With 100+ clients, $$M+ in revenue, and 15 years of experience, there is no way we can go wrong.!

Contact us for further details at EmailUS: [email protected]

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Stelo Technology Pvt Ltd
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/652765697/stelotechnology-delivers-on-promise-to-build-a-enterprise-automation-testing-solutions-for-usa-bases-saas-provider

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