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Super Resolution in VideoProc Converter AI Supercharges AI-generated Images to 4K and 8K High-Res

Super Resolution in VideoProc Converter AI Supercharges AI-generated Images to 4K and 8K High-Res

Upscale AI-generated Images to 4K and 8K

The Super Resolution tool in VideoProc Converter AI is making waves in the world of AI art by unlocking image resolutions of up to 4K and 8K high-res.

Artists have been yearning for a solution to elevate the resolution of their AI art while being productive at the same time. Super Resolution is our response to this demand.”

— Angie Tane

CHENGDU, SICHUAN, CHINA, November 10, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Following the major release of VideoProc Converter AI last week, its developer, Digiarty Software, is once again highlighting the standout feature among the newly incorporated AI tools: Super Resolution for video and image upscaling. This game-changer has proven to be a boon for AI-generated art, much to the delight of countless AI enthusiasts who were previously hampered by the resolution constraints of AI art generators. The AI-powered enhancements have quickly earned widespread acclaim, with users providing highly positive feedback in the short time since its debut.

The Super Resolution tool in VideoProc Converter AI is designed to upscale videos and images into a higher resolution based on AI deep learning algorithms. When applying this tech in the realm of AI art, endless possibilities emerge.

“AI art can look good on a small screen, but once you try to handle it for printing, 4K and 8K displaying, setting it as wallpaper, or simply zooming in on a specific part to examine, it gets blurred or pixelated,” said Angie Tane, Marketing Manager at VideoProc Converter AI. “Some AI image generators may have provided you with an in-app upscaler, but it takes longer time or requires more credits to upscale the image. After all, generating the AI art is already consuming the GPU power, not to mention upscaling it by 2 times, 3 times, or higher.”

Taking MidJourney image upscaling as an example. Previously, it generated AI images at 1024×1024 by default. Now it incorporates a 2X and a 4X upscaler, but they are currently only available in Fast Mode and are not compatible with the pile parameter or the pan tool.

“Artists have been yearning for a solution to elevate the resolution of their AI art while being productive at the same time. Super Resolution is our response to this demand. It’s the dedicated AI image upscaler.” Angie Tane added.

Super Resolution in VideoProc Converter AI: Highlighted Features

1. Upscale AI Art by 2X, 3X, 4X or Up to 8K Resolutions
For 1024×1024 AI art, the Super Resolution tool can upscale it to 2048×2048, 3072×3072, and 4096×4096. Or re-import the 4096×4096 image and repeat the 2X processing to achieve the 8192×8192 8K resolution. Depending on the source aspect ratio, one can also achieve a higher pixel measurement along one side. For instance, the 807×4494 image can be upscaled by 2X to 1614×8988.

2. Apply Reality or Anime Type for Different AI Art Genres
To achieve the desired result, users can choose between the Reality or the Anime type for different AI-generated images. For artworks that depict real-world scenes and portraits, use Reality; for illustrations that are less 3D and more 2D styling, choose Anime.

With these models, AI art such as anime film stills, photorealistic photos, oil paintings, watercolors, lithographic prints, DVD screengrab mockups, 3D, and many more can be upscaled with details restored.

3. Enhance AI Images and Videos
Besides upscaling images and videos to a higher resolution, VideoProc Converter AI also supports 1-click enhancing the file, fixing noisy and grainy old images and DVDs.

4. Batch Upscaling to Boost Productivity
With VideoProc Converter AI’s batch processing ability, the entire AI art production pipeline can be a seamless workflow: Step 1. Create AI art in AI generators such as MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, Leonardo AI, Runway, Pika Labs, Kaiber AI, etc. Step 2. Batch import into the Super Resolution tool and upscale.

It saves time and effort by avoiding the endless wait and the manual work to upscale one by one in the AI art generators.

5. AI-trained for Natural Results, Better than Traditional Upscaling Method
Traditional upscaling techniques such as Lanczos and the nearest neighbor rely on only pixel values of the image. They are merely enlarging the canvas and filling the new pixels with mathematical calculations and can be less accurate when the image itself doesn’t offer enough information. The Super Resolution tool in VideoProc Converter AI is trained with massive data, both from videos and images. Powered by a deep convolutional neural network, it can better predict and imagine the missed pixels, upscale the image by estimating image kernels, and enhance the quality with intricate details preserved.

System Requirement
The AI features are currently available for the Windows PC, with Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA optimization. To enjoy the GPU boost for AI features, users need to make sure the GPU drivers support Vulkan API 1.2.0/OpenCL API 1.0 or higher.

While the AI features for Mac are still under development, Mac users can enjoy the classic features of VideoProc Converter: the one-stop video processing toolkit to convert, compress, edit, record, and download videos.

Pricing & Availability
Lifetime license users and existing users of other eligible plans can update to the new version 6.0 free of charge.

New users can take this opportunity to grab the license at up to 52% OFF as the team is celebrating the 5th anniversary together with the AI major release.
• Premium 365 for 1 Year (For 3 PCs): Only $25.95.
• Lifetime License (For 1 PC): Only $45.95.
• Lifetime Family License (Up to 5 PCs): Only $57.95
The exclusive Anniversary Sale is available at:

About Digiarty Software, Inc.
Digiarty Software, Inc., the developer of VideoProc, is a leading desktop software development company in the multimedia industry. Founded in 2006, it has been involved in various areas and extended its business scope to diversified fields, including but not limited to video/audio editing, converting, downloads, recording, DVD conversion, DVD copy, and iPhone data backup. This customer-oriented company has accumulated a vast user base worldwide and evolved to be a prosperous company in the industry. To get more info about the company, please visit its official web page: https://www.videoproc.com/

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Bulk Upscale AI Art to 8K (MidJourney, DALL-E, Leonardo)

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