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SuperPatch Company to Present at The 2023 12th World Congress of the World Institute of Pain

TORONTO, Oct. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Super Patch Company Inc., an International healthcare Company headquartered in Florida, USA, announced today that they have been invited to present recent patient results from their clinical trial, HARMONI, at the 12th World Congress of the World Institute of Pain (WIP) in Antalya, Turkey from October 28-30, 2023.

The prevalence of pain and pain-related diseases are so vast that they are the leading causes of disability and disease burden across the globe. Over 100 million people are estimated to live with chronic or recurrent pain in the United States and it is the most common reason patients consult primary care clinicians.

“Conventional pharmacological treatments for pain have been associated with dangerous adverse effects. Identifying effective, alternative treatment strategies, including those that are non-invasive and non-pharmacologic and that have reduced and limited side effect profiles, will provide options that may be preferable in how clinicians traditionally treat pain,” said Jeff Gudin, MD, Principal Investigator for the HARMONI and INVIGOR Trials. “We are excited to share results of the HARMONI trial and look forward to bringing potential new treatment options to those suffering from various pain conditions.”

Over the past 14 years, the founder of the The Super Patch Company, Jay Dhaliwal, has done extensive research and developed a line of healthcare products for pain, sleep, anxiety, and other conditions that incorporate haptic vibrotactile trigger technology (VTT), a technology that has shown to influence the neuromatrix of pain. Researchers have shown that these pathways and areas of the brain that are associated with the neuromatrix can change in response to external stimuli. Haptic vibrotactile trigger technology (VTT) is designed to target the nociceptive pathways and theorized to disrupt the neuromatrix of pain.

“Our main mission is to help and offer patients an alternative treatment, without drugs, and one that is non-invasive, said Jay Dhaliwal, CEO and Founder of Super Patch. “Our OTC line of products incorporate the VTT technology which has been shown to influence the various neural networks in the brain. Clinicians continue to share with us that their patients respond favorably after using the products without side effects.” 

For more information on the Super Patch Company and its products, please visit www.superpatch.com.

About WIP
The World Institute of Pain (WIP) was established in 1993 as a worldwide organization promoting interventional pain by bringing together the most recognized experts in pain medicine. The organization aims to facilitate consensus building through the education, training, and certification of physicians, thereby championing the judicious, safe, and efficacious performance of interventional pain techniques.

About The Super Patch Company Inc.
The Super Patch Company is an international health and wellness Company that specializes in drug-free, non-invasive, over the counter healthcare products that incorporate a neuro-based technology, haptic vibrotactile trigger technology (VTT), that is shown to influence various neural networks in the brain related to pain management, sleep, stress, mobility and other physiological functions.

SOURCE The Super Patch Company

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