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Dr. Elayna Fernández Announces Featured Authors in New Book About Overcoming Adversity

The Gifts of Pain – Volume 1

The Gifts of Pain - Featured Authors

The Gifts of Pain – Featured Authors

Storyteller | Story Strategist | Creator of the S.T.O.R.Y. System for Transformational Storytelling

Storyteller | Story Strategist | Creator of the S.T.O.R.Y. System for Transformational Storytelling

Dr. Elayna Fernández announced the release of The Gifts of Pain, a book featuring 31 diverse authors and their courageous stories of overcoming adversity.

Elayna’s S.T.O.R.Y. System has revolutionized the way I approach writing and speaking. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their professional communication skills to the next level.”

— Stephanie L. Anderson

FORT WORTH, TX, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Award-winning Storyteller and Story Strategist, Dr. Elayna Fernández has announced her latest book, The Gifts of Pain: Daily Stories, Reflections, and Prompts to Find Hope and Healing in Adversity.

This non-fiction book is slated to release on February 3, 2024, to celebrate National Storytelling Week, marking the first volume in the series of multi-author collections under Dr. Fernández’s guidance.

Dr. Fernández shares: “For years, I’ve known that I was called to write a book about the alchemy of turning pain into a gift. Last year, it became clear that this concept would be a series of stories and books to showcase courageous people revealing their scars as symbols of strength, survival, and significance.”

The book starts and ends with wise words by Dr. Fernández, and contains 31 chapters, where co-authors of diverse backgrounds and walks of life reveal stories on various subjects, including rape, sexual violence, familial violence, discrimination, self-harming behavior, abortion, death, eating disorders, suicide, and other content types that may be upsetting or triggering.

A self-proclaimed “Student of Pain,” Fernández got emotional while sharing the news, explaining, “For many of these authors, sharing their story in this book is certainly the most personal and vulnerable thing they’ve ever done. That’s why I worked with each author in consciously crafting these real-life narratives and the interactive activities to implement the lessons they learned.”

Dr. Fernández is referring to her powerful S.T.O.R.Y. System, a framework she created over a decade ago and she’s used in her blog, speaking, books, and programs to help “leaders and entrepreneurs turn their painful stories into passive streams of income.” She instructed the authors in this effective storytelling approach and supported them during every step of the book writing and publishing journey.

Dr. Fernández lit up, speaking of the featured authors in volume one of The Gifts of Pain, and gave us a peek at their individual chapters, in their own words:

Nikki Cruise, story author of “From Feeling Worthless to Finding Joy,” shares: “People who undervalue themselves because they feel they do not measure up to the standards or requirements the world has laid out will benefit from my chapter.”

Rosa Cao Liu, story author of “From Self-Doubt to Self-Empowerment,” declared about her chapter:

“It will help anyone who has come from various backgrounds, races, ages or even religion.”

Jahidah Diaab, story author of “From Barren to Beauty,” assures that her chapter will help “those suffering from depression.”

Yarona Boster, story author of “From Childless to Purpose Driven,” said that her chapter teaches readers “how to navigate the struggles of infertility with the support they need.”

Helen Hirsh Spence, story author of “From Ageism to Advocacy,” shared that her chapter is especially for “older adults who are influenced by aging myths that detrimentally affect our self-image and potential and cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.”

Natasha Ickes, story author of “From Hopeless to Empowered,” expressed that her chapter “will help anyone who has struggled with self-worth, depression, and suicidal ideation.”

Dr. Robert W. Termanini, MD, story author of “From Impossible to I’m Possible,” said of his chapter that it “will speak to anyone who’s felt discounted or underestimated.”

Lorena P. Frey, MS, LMFT, story author of “From Unresolved Trauma to Unexpected Healing,” assured that her chapter “will help give hope to readers seeking to heal from unresolved trauma.”

Renrick Palmer, story author of “From Grief to Purpose,” told us that his chapter “ aims to connect with individuals facing hardships, helping them to find strength during tough times.”

Alejandra Valenzuela, story author of “From Devastation to Grace,” shared that her chapter “aims to resonate with survivors of sexual assault and those navigating trauma and healing.”

Stephanie L. Anderson, story author of “From Shame to Self-Confidence and Support,” discussed that her chapter “will provide validation and reassurance to individuals diagnosed with alopecia and help them realize that they are not alone in their struggle. It will extend its impact to those who have a loved one dealing with alopecia. Friends, family members, and partners will gain valuable understanding and empathy to become more knowledgeable and compassionate allies.”

Dr. Alicia Shelly, story author of “From Despair to Joy,” shared that her chapter is for “high achieving performers facing obstacles in their journey.”

Crystal Kim, story author of “From Trapped to Liberated,” commented that her chapter will help “immigrant moms who desire to create the life they wish to pursue despite facing barriers.”

Katherine Lizardo, Esq., story author of “From Stigma to Strength,” noted that her chapter “will support people with ADHD, especially moms with ADHD, so they can navigate their neurodiversity with compassion.”

Chanel Spencer, story author of “From Victim to Warrior,” says her chapter “will resonate with individuals who’ve faced trauma, battled with mental health issues, or struggled with personal growth. It will particularly help those looking for inspiration to transform pain into strength and success.”

Dr. Julie Radlauer, story author of “From a Heavy Heart to a Connected Soul,” shared that her chapter will help “anyone struggling with their mental health.”

Janette Alcala, story author of “From Fragile Teen to Fulfilled Mother,” discussed that her chapter “is tailored to aid those navigating through challenging moments in life. It resonates particularly with individuals who seek inspiration to turn adversity into triumph.”

Melanie Sears, story author of “From Pity to Purpose,” commented that her chapter is “for people who feel like something is missing in their lives, those that do not listen to their bodies and the ones who believe their own thoughts all the time.”

Elyssa Fernandez, story author of “ From Comparison to Compassion,” shared that her chapter “will help young adults of color who struggle with body image and have been affected by misrepresentation in media, and I’m aiming to help everyone else understand this experience and why it’s important to have good representation.”

Britt Ivy, story author of “From Broken to Brave,” assured us that her chapter will “help Christian heart-centered, loving women of faith who have begun their abortion healing journey and still feel stuck in unhealthy patterns.”

Maria Lentzou, MFT, NTP, story author of “From Bulimia to Bliss,” said that her chapter will help “anyone in distress who seeks emotional healing, and more specifically women who may struggle with eating disorders or generally with their relationship with food and lacking self-esteem and self-love.”

Terri Lonowski, M.Ed., story author of “From Chaos and Loneliness to Inspired Potential,” shared that her chapter “will help those that have suffered the pain of loneliness and chaos.”

Stephanie Shaffer, LCSW, story author of “From Life Support to Surrender,” declared that her chapter will help readers “ through a struggle that they are facing.”

Mary Ottman, story author of “From ‘Who Am I?’ to ‘I Am!,’” discussed how her chapter will help “Anyone who has gone through a major life event that has shaken them and caused them to doubt themselves, divorced people who feel lost afterward, and anyone who has a history of repeating behaviors that result in heartbreak and they aren’t sure what is causing it.”

Eliana Fernández, story author of “From Pain to Power,” shared that her chapter will “help people of all ages, but mostly kids like herself and teens who want to change the world and make it a better place.”

Kimberly Parry, story author of “From Gaslit to Gut-Guided,” expressed that her chapter “is here for anyone who’s struggled through the chaos of living with an addict or who, for any reason, have found themselves questioning their own instincts.”

Preethi Srinivas, story author of “From Heartbreak to Connection,” said that her chapter is for “those who have undergone intense emotions, particularly stemming from rejection, betrayal, or heartbreak, individuals actively seeking sources of healing and solace, individuals exploring avenues for spiritual growth and development and who are open to exploring unconventional sources of support and growth.”

Jason Corder, story author of “ From Bound to Found,” expressed that his chapter “will help those who have ever felt completely alone.”

Elizabeth Overstreet, story author of “From Faithless to Faithful,” told us that her chapter is for “someone who feels like they just want to give up. They are overwhelmed by their many obstacles and have lost hope. People underestimate them. They don’t feel seen, heard, or validated.”

Ilona Parunakova, story author of “From Rejection to Revelation,” shared that her chapter “will help individuals struggling with confidence, self-esteem, and identity issues.”

Hannah Park Lusterman, story author of “From Bitter Sacrifice to Sweet Reunion,” discussed that her chapter “will help those who’ve faced tough choices, particularly parents who’ve had to sacrifice short-term closeness with their children for long-term stability and reunification.”

To connect with the featured authors, visit @thegiftsofpain on Instagram and follow #thegiftsofpain hashtag.

A description of the book reads: “The Gifts of Pain is a valuable daily resource for anyone seeking comfort, strength, and wisdom as they navigate life’s hardest challenges.”

To get your copy of the first volume in The Gifts of Pain series and learn more about these authors, buy it on Amazon on book launch day – February 3rd, 2024.

About The Gifts of Pain

The Gifts of Pain is a must-read collection of real-life, power-packed, bite-sized stories from 31 authors of diverse backgrounds and walks of life who integrated Elayna Fernández’s powerful S.T.O.R.Y. System to vulnerably and bravely share their most painful experiences and the practical tools they used to transform them into personal growth and positive change.

About Dr. Elayna Fernández

Founder of the Positive MOM® and mother of 4 daughters, visionary author Elayna Fernández weaves the tragedy, trauma, and turmoil she’s endured into her award-winning storytelling. Her mission is to help people break cycles, find peace, and feel whole. To learn more, visit thepositivemom.com/keynote-speaker and follow her @thePositiveMOM.

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